Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alignment of Energy For 2010

Wow, 2009 was a year of extreme contrast for me. In one perspective, it was more challenging than any other year of my life besides 1985 (the year I broke my neck). It has been a year of heartache, loss and extreme financial hardship. But in another perspective it has been a year of profound spiritual awakening. It has been a complete life changing transformation. I have attracted knowledge and people into my life this year that has me looking at and experiencing life in a whole new way.

I have a renewed sense of hope and passion for life. This comes from the spiritual teachings from many different sources that have reminded me of who I really am. I am an eternal being that came from the non-physical Source of All-That-Is, into this physical time-space reality. I came forth from my Source to experience the contrast of this life and to expand, evolve and enjoy the journey.

It has been a lot to absorb over the past year. sometimes it can be very difficult to find the joy in the journey, in the experience when you're completely out of alignment with that Source energy, your Inner Being. I've gone through most of my adult life with this misalignment and not even being aware of it. My desires and my beliefs just did not match up vibrationally. I had no idea of the concept that my thoughts and beliefs could actually affect my reality. I had no idea that I have so much power over my own life experiences. In fact, living all these years with paralysis has left me feeling very powerless, very vulnerable.

I am so grateful for the knowledge (the remembering) that as an extension of Source energy (being one with God, All-That-Is), I am the one person who can control my experience. When I have a desire, I simply need to focus on bringing my belief into vibrational alignment with that desire so that Source can bring about the actual manifestation of my desire. Without the right alignment of energies, desires or wants just attract more of the same. The universe will keep bringing you the wanting that you're vibrationally aligned with. It is the alignment with the belief regarding a desire that manifests it into reality.

So I will go into this new year for the first time in my life (this physical life) as a deliberate creator. I will be aware of how powerful my thoughts and beliefs are and how much they influence my reality. I will work on aligning my desires with my beliefs and aligning myself with my Source. I believe there is a global shift in consciousness happening. Some say the veil is thinning. I believe more of us are remembering Who We Really Are, realizing the divinity within us, that we truly are all connected as one.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Choosing vs Wanting

I am just starting to really understand and get the concept of letting go of want. All my life I have been used to wanting things, I want that shirt, I want that car, I want to travel, I want to have fun. And of course, after my accident, the only thing I really wanted was to walk again. I want control of my body back, I want to feel "normal" again, I want my freedom!

Recently, this "wanting" has been brought to my attention by several different spiritual sources. The amazing thing is that it has mostly been within the last week. I love it when the universe, the Law Of Attraction, Source, God, The Force (a little George Lucas humor), brings me the truth through so many different channels because it helps me absorb the information better when I hear or read it from different messengers.

So what I'm beginning to understand is that the wanting of these things is what's getting in the way of actually having them. It makes sense with the Law Of Attraction, if you're wanting and you're wanting and you're wanting, then your vibrational frequency is going to be one of wanting and the universe will keep bringing you more of that. How many of us are a perfect vibrational match for wanting? Everybody wants something, right?

I don't want to keep wanting and never actually get what I want. So from now on I will choose things instead of wanting them. I choose to be financially secure. I choose to have friends. I choose to be healthy. I choose to be happy. I choose to help others. I choose to manifest miracles. I choose freedom. I choose love.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Do We Create With Thought

Anyone who understands the Law of Attraction knows that which is like unto itself is drawn. Like attracts like, so focusing your thoughts on things you want will attract more thoughts like this, helping you to align your point of attraction to that which you desire. To manifest your desires into reality, the vibrational frequencies must match. But have you ever wondered how thoughts actually become things of creation in our physical world?

Neale Donald Walsch has some fascinating insight on this in his dialogue with God, or Source energy, in book one of his Conversations With God series. He describes thought as pure energy, which upon leaving your being, heads out into the universe, extending forever. These thoughts congeal, meeting other thoughts that are alike, creating an incredibly complex maze of energy. Like energy keeps attracting like energy which forms "clumps" of energy. Eventually, when mass amounts of these energy clumps stick to each other, matter begins to form, literally out of pure energy. Matter remains in its physical state until it is disrupted by an opposing or dissimilar form of energy. The dissimilar energy acting upon the matter dismembers it, releasing the raw energy that the matter was made of.

It is truly amazing when you break it down like this. Thoughts are like little electrical sparks in our minds. This energy travels through our nerves giving life and power to our muscles, enabling us to move. I wonder how many other thoughts we fire off each day, all this enormous amout of energy flowing out of us in a constant stream. If you could actually see this energy, we would probably look like a chunk of dry ice in a punch bowl but instead of smoke it would look like streams of colorful light rays shooting out of our heads. The atmosphere must be filled with all this thought energy!

This is probably what hits you when you walk into a room and instantly feel a bad or creepy "vibe." A conglomeration of negative thoughts that have attracted each other. If mass amounts of negative energy clump together, well that's probably not a good place to be.

On the other hand, this is the power of prayer. The more people can come together with like-minded, positive thought energy, the greater the chance to manifest miracles. With a massive shift in conciousness, we could truly come together to better our world. This would be a huge leap in our evolution. Imagine the power of co-creating through love instead of fear.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Check Out

A new website had it's big relaunch a couple of days ago on Nov. 18, 2009. was created as a free spiritual resource that features some of the world's leading visionaries, including Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Deepak Chopra and many more. Here you can network with like-minded people and have access to life changing and thought provoking videos, articles, movies, seminars and workshops. I joined a few days ago and look forward to all the new spiritual knowledge and networking opportunities this site will provide.

I recently finished book 1 in the "Conversations With God" series by Neale Donald Walsch. I loved it and am currently reading book 2. To say it is thought provoking would be putting it mildly. For me it is mind expanding and causes you to look at many things in life from a completely different perspective. Looking at something from different angles, different perspectives, helps to build a better understanding. I am so grateful everyday for any new spiritual knowledge that I attract into my experience because right now the challenges just keep coming.

I'm off now to explore more of TheManifest-Station. After that, I'll absorb more conversation between God and Neale. This is my Friday night.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Manifestation, The Result Of A Focused Desire

I just began reading the first book in the "Conversations With God" series by Neale Donald Walsch. I love what my seeking of the truth is attracting into my experience, whether I make a trip to the library, the bookstore or searching on the Internet. God/Source/The Universe is bringing me everything I'm searching for and this journey of knowledge, of remembering Who I Really Am is so exhilarating, so absolutely awesome, its hard to put into words. I can finally think about life and get excited, get enthusiastic again, even in one of the most challenging times of my life. I am so grateful to God and to the wonderful souls (both physical and non-physical) who are out there brave enough to share this truth with the world, with those who are seeking it, despite the resistance and criticism from people too afraid to open their minds and hearts to other possible paths to God.

I also was able to witness first hand this week, the amazing results of a manifested desire. For the past couple of months, my 11 year old daughter has been badgering me for a new pet. It's not like she doesn't have any. Currently we have 2 cats, 2 Chihuahua's, 1 Lab mix, a turtle and a toad. I've been telling my daughter no, absolutely no more animals because we will be moving from a house to an apartment in a few months, not to mention becoming a single parent. As it is, I will be narrowing this pack down by giving up 2 of the dogs. However, none of this had much of an impact on my daughter's desire for another creature to share our home. She just kept on about it, even offering to pay with birthday and allowance money. Still the answer was no. She even went so far as to write a note about getting a new pet and leaving it under a rock in our yard, a secret wish to any fairies possibly living nearby that could help grant her wish. The note vanished, mysteriously (no, not by me.)

A few days ago, I heard my daughter's father pull up in the driveway, so I went outside to ask him something. He was just getting out of his car. As I was talking to him, something caught my eye. I looked past him and sitting on the roof of his car was a small, bright green, parrot-looking bird.

At first I thought it was a fake bird he had stuck to the top of his car for some reason. I was about to ask why he had this thing on his car when it moved and I realized this was a real bird! He quickly took a picture of it. I think we were both expecting it to fly away. But as we got closer, it was obvious that the bird could only fly in short spurts and seemed to be lost, looking for and wanting help from us.

My daughter and I were able to lure the bird into a cardboard box using a piece of bread. Now what? I knew none of my close neighbors had a bird. I knew I couldn't keep this bird in a box for very long. So we went to the local Petsmart for advice and supplies.

Turns out we've adopted an African Lovebird. So far no one has come looking and there have been no flyers or posters around the neighborhood for a lost bird. Even if he is an escaped pet, the fact that he showed up in our yard, just feet away from where my daughter left her note, is nothing short of miraculous. I've lived here for 10 years and have never seen or heard of a bird like this living around here. And where was it before landing on top of the car which had just pulled up? No idea. I just know that this time last week, I could not have imagined there would be a birdcage sitting in my livingroom! I guess I underestimated the power of an 11 year old's thoughts.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of Source

Today was one of those absolutely perfect days. After a week of volatile, windy weather and a 30 degree plunge in temperature, the weather today was a refreshing change of beautiful fall sunshine filtering through quiet, still air. I sat outside this afternoon, absorbing the wonderful warm energy of the sun, reading Abraham and listening to the sounds of neighborhood kids laughing as they played. My best friend Sweetpea, (the small black and white Chihuahua pictured in the post below) was laying in the yard under our big tree, enjoying the beautiful day with me.

Her cute little nose was busily sniffing the delicious smells silently and invisibly flowing through the atmosphere. I had a moment to reflect on those odors, which were otherwise non existent to my human senses, that she seemed to be so thoroughly enjoying. I only became aware of these odors by observing my dog's twitching nose. And it suddenly made me realize our reality is based on those vibrations that we are able to observe with our physical senses through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting. But there is so much more going on around us that our human senses miss.

As I was thinking about how much of the world going on around us there really is that we're not aware of because its "under the radar" of what our human bodies are capable of interpreting, I was struck by what I was reading from Abraham. It was about being in a state of appreciation. Being totally tuned in, tapped in and turned on. When you're observing things in a state of appreciation, you're seeing the world through the eyes of Source. It's finding the alignment with you're Inner Being, which is the part of you directly connected with Source, the part of you that is Source.

When you see things in a state of appreciation, you become more aware, more tuned in to whatever you're experiencing. I realized why everything seemed so crisp, so wonderful, so alive about the world I was experiencing in my front yard today. I was appreciating the life giving energy of our sun, energy that sustains every living cell on this planet. I was appreciating the air I was breathing into my lungs, how clean it smelled. I was appreciating how still the air itself was, one of those rare moments when there is not even the slightest hint of a breeze. I was appreciating how clearly sound vibrations travel through such still air. And looking at one of the cutest creatures on Earth, lounging under a beautiful Mulberry tree, I appreciated the amazing sensitivity of a dog's nose, which had made me aware of everything else around me that I couldn't see, hear, touch, taste or smell but exists, nonetheless.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Amazing Results Of Aligning With Source Energy

There is an amazing example of someone who has really mastered the Art of Allowing, a person who truly seems to be in complete alignment with Source energy and often speaks about manifestation to the people he's trying to help. I'm talking about Ceasar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer." If you follow the teachings of Abraham, I highly recommend watching this show which is on every Friday on the National Geographic Channel.

If you've never seen the show, this man, Ceasar Milan, travels around the country helping dog owners with their pet's behavior problems. He has an amazing connection with dogs because he completely understands dog psychology and how these animals sense and use energy to communicate and how different energy results in different behaviors. In pretty much all of the cases, its the humans that are screwing up the dogs. So Ceasar comes in to rehabilitate the dogs and to train the humans to use the correct energy to communicate and interact with their pets. The key to everything he does is energy.

Ceasar teaches people to live in the now. Don't dwell on the past, don't worry about incidents that happened in the past, stay focused on the present and what is happening right now. He often tells people to manifest how they want their home lives with their pets to be, to manifest the kind of behavior they want from their animals. In any situation, Ceasar remains calm and relaxed. He stresses to use calm, assertive energy at all times. In other words, he is always ok with where he's at. That is key to successful manifestation.

I saw an episode today where he was helping a woman who had many health problems that were causing her pain and alot of anxiety. Her nervous energy was causing aggressive behavior in her dog. Not only was he able to completely transform the dog, he helped the woman by introducing her to acupuncture and meditation. How awesome is that! And he greeted her with Namaste, confirming my suspicions that Ceasar is a very spiritual man.

It is so awesome to see someone who is in such complete alignment with Source energy and to see him use that energy to connect with another living creature. Dog lovers love to watch Ceasar work his magic and people are simply amazed at how instantly these dogs react to him. To me, he is a great example of what being in alignment with your Inner Being really is. I think its absolutely wonderful that he's helping more humans find that alignment and using their beloved pets, who are by nature more in alignment with Source energy, to help them get there.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Is They Key To Successful Meditation

Wow, this last week was a rough one for me. I don't know about anyone else but for some reason, reaching for those good feeling thoughts became harder and harder. Most of it is just too personal to go into detail on the internet. Its just so difficult sometimes to stay happy and be OK with everything that's happening in your life when the people around you, the ones that you care about and want a good relationship with, are showing little regard for your feelings. The conflict becomes more complicated when these are people whom you must be interacting with because of the circumstances. When you don't have the freedom to escape an uncomfortable situation, those negative feelings of powerlessness, depression and desperation seem to just swallow you. Like getting caught in a whirlpool and being sucked in a downward spiral.

I've been trying lately to use meditation as a way to realign and connect with Source and those Non-Physical teachers and guides that are always there to help. But I just don't have it right yet. I know meditation is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. People can actually control things like their heart rate through meditation as well as healing themselves and this is an energy I really want to tap into.

My biggest problem with trying to meditate right now is that I guess I go too deep and fall asleep. I'll have to remember that the next time I get insomnia. But I'm trying to tune into something, not fall asleep!

So I guess this will require some more research on the subject besides just relaxing and breathing deeply. I really feel that meditation will greatly improve my Well-Being if I can learn to do it correctly. I would love and appreciate any help or suggestions on meditating.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evolution of The Truth

As I study and learn more about the Law of Attraction and that we live in a vibrationally based Universe, it excites me when I watch shows on The Science Channel or National Geographic that deal with things like quantum physics and energy. Because the closer we get to understanding the truth, the more it seems to make sense that sometimes we must unlearn what we know in order to advance.

Throughout history, science and religion have butted heads in the ultimate struggle to understand and explain our world and the meaning of life. How did we get here? Why are we here, what is the meaning or purpose to all of this? And perhaps the biggest question of all, what happens to us after we die?

In the past and unfortunately, even now mainstream science and mainstream religion share the same distinct flaw. Their rigid, tunnel vision of stubbornly sticking to long held beliefs that everything is black or white. They both denounce the other as being a distraction from the truth. A serious minded scientist must dismiss the concept of God, of a higher power, an intelligent, conscious, loving energy source that deliberately creates in an eternal expansion. Religion has no room for science which continues to contradict the unquestioning faith that devout followers must uphold. Both have held their own resistance to new theories and ideas that actually delve into the gray area where the evolution of science and the concept of a higher power meet. The best scientists, in my opinion, are the ones that keep their minds open to all possibilities, including the ones that deal with the supernatural. Just within the last 100 years, there was much controversy over things like the existence of atoms, which today is simply a common fact that any middle school student would know. So what was once pseudo science, eventually becomes common, accepted knowledge. Often when major scientific discoveries are made, it changes and redefines everything we thought we knew about our world, about life, about reality. So therefore, reality is constantly changing as we know it. (Or as we think we know it.)

So, concepts like multiple universes, multiple dimensions, bending or folding the fabric of space and the concept that all matter is mostly empty space, help open our minds to allow more creative expressions of truth. To allow the concept of the improbable becoming probable. To allow the simplest theory, the credit it deserves, as Occam's razor suggests, even when that theory deals with the supernatural.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Inspires Me

Its so nice to go someplace and get a dose of good, positive energy, to not only recharge yourself but to also bring your vibration back into alignment. Wherever you go to do this, the mountains, taking your dog to the park, going to church, a trip to the lake, walking along the beach, dinner with friends or just a quiet spot to watch the sunset, the location is irrelevant. What matters is how you feel while you're there. Do you come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired? Do you come away with an intense appreciation for life? If the answer is yes, then this was time well spent.

Abraham uses the analogy of a river representing our fast paced lives. The current of life is always flowing, very fast, very strong. Its so easy to become overwhelmed by it, to panic at the velocity at which it sweeps you along. I find myself struggling to keep my head up, fearing that I'll be capsized, pulled under. The more overwhelmed I feel, the harder I start flailing, pushing against the current. As Abraham teaches, all too often, I find myself pointed upstream, fighting the current as I struggle through life with my disability. Now, with all that's going on with my personal life, I feel the fear and anxiety of not having enough money to survive and support my daughter and of having to rely so heavily on others just to get through my daily activities. As hard as it is, I know I have to let go of the negative emotions that I feel. Let go, be ok with where I am and slowly but surely turn downstream. So how do I do that?

I must stay focused on what I really want (freedom, independence, Well-Being, joy) and stop dwelling on what I don't want (poverty, paralysis, dependency). I need to stay connected to my Source (God). I need to see and appreciate Source in everything.

So here is a big thank you to the beautiful and inspirational people of last night's Tea Time with Mary. Thank you Rains and Desire for your words of inspiration and enthusiasm. And thank you Mary for sharing your beautiful inner light that we all find so infectious. You all helped me to boost my energy and raise my vibration. This inspired me to write this post, to hopefully pay it forward, to inspire.

Monday, October 5, 2009


One of my all-time favorite things to do is go outside at night and just look up. It never ceases to amaze me, just looking at the infinite beauty of our universe. There's not much to see in the night sky if you live in Vegas, where the neon drowns out all but the moon and about 5 stars. We usually trek out to Tecopa, CA if we want to stargaze. Not that you actually have to go that far away from Vegas to enjoy the night sky. But there are a group of eclectic folks out there that like to have "Star Parties" with expensive telescopes and some choice spirits. It usually starts with a snack at Pastels Bistro, the best (and only) gourmet cafe in this very small and unique town of massage therapy and natural hot springs. Our good friend John Muccio, an award winning five star chef, always welcomes us with some mouth watering treat. (John is in the red shirt, working in the kitchen with his son, Ryan) Each visit out there is a unique experience and has been known to end with some spiritual prayer in the Labyrinth and howling with the coyotes.

I grew up camping in the mountains of Wyoming. We used to sit around the campfire and watch for satellites, which look like a star that's steadily moving across the sky. I would sleep outside in the back of the truck, with just my face poking out of the down sleeping bag, gazing at the indescribable beauty above. The mountains are probably the best place to view the stars on a dark, moonless night when the sky seems like its bursting with millions of glittering jewels. Here, the Milky Way is so clearly obvious. The longer you sit there gazing upward, the more it dawns on you how immense, how incredibly endless the universe is. You also get a sense of how very small and insignificant this little planet is. Not to mention the concept of time. What does time matter when you're staring at eternity?

I only knew and could find a few constellations like the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and Orion. My favorite spot in the sky was a small cluster of stars that to me, looked like a keyhole. I'm not sure why I was so drawn to this small cluster of stars, but when I looked at them, I would get this incredible feeling of awe. Many times I would imagine flying around between them in a spaceship. I didn't know what this group of stars were called, if they even had a name. I just considered them my special little group. Years later, I took astronomy 101 at ythe Community College in Las Vegas. I was looking through my new text book for class when I saw a picture that excited me so much I almost dropped the book. There was my group of stars! I couldn't believe it, out of the millions of stars in the sky, they had a picture of my group! I learned that these stars are called the Pleiades (the seven sisters) and they are located in the constellation of Taurus. My sign happens to be Taurus and I never had a clue that these stars were part of my Zodiac sign constellation. They are even more beautiful up close.

Whenever I get the chance to get away from the city lights, I look for the Pleiades. When I find it, I often wonder if there's anyone out there looking back at me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Has Finally Arrived In The Desert!

You won't ever hear me complain about the heat hear in Las Vegas. Even though it gets quite unbearable during the daytime summer hours, I love the warm summer nights. After spending 17 years growing up in the frigid Wyoming winters, it was a bit like moving to paradise when I came here 22 years ago.

So what brought me to this most famous of cities in the desert? That will be explained in detail in my book. The autobiography of my most unusual life. I will mention it often here, because these thoughts that I write into words are helping me to manifest my desires into creation. Creating your life experiences through deliberate intent is a process that I'm still learning by reading a series of books by Abraham-Hicks. Powerful stuff. I found the first book in their series that I read, "Ask And It Is Given" at the library. I'm always drawn to the same section there, books on spirituality, psychics, mediums, ghosts, near death experiences, the afterlife, the paranormal. I was captivated by this book the moment I first started reading it. Mostly because it made so much sense while giving me chills and blowing my mind all at the same time. You just sense it when you have a book in your hands that will change your life. I was going to re-check it out because I wasn't quite finished by the due date but someone else had placed a hold on the book. The librarian was going to let me keep it so that I could finish reading it. But I wanted whoever was seeking this book to have the knowledge they were looking for. Besides that, its a book worth owning and reading many times. I now own 5 Abraham-Hicks books and am currently reading "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent"

So back to fall in the desert. Its a wonderful time of year here. The weather is beautiful, perfect for a yard sale. My daughter and I will be leaving Las Vegas in a few months to head for Arizona. Another big change in my life that's both exciting and terrifying. What I need to do is release my resistance and let go of the fear. Right now, I will appreciate the weather and the beautiful sunset happening outside my window.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome To My Journey

I've been thinking about creating this blog for several months now. All of our creations start out as thoughts, so its always exciting to see something manifest from thought. This blog will serve as an outlet for me to share and express my thoughts and hopefully inspire.

I first started blogging a year and a half ago, as a way to promote my online business. I sell home decor and furniture so I started a home decorating blog and launched my article marketing campaign by writing articles on decorating and designer home decor.

As I become more familiar with the world of blogging, I am truly amazed at the talent in writing that I find. These women take ordinary, everyday experiences they have with their husbands and kids and turn them into witty, often hilarious short stories. There are some great writers out there. These devoted family bloggers are also leaving a priceless treasure of written family history for future generations. How interesting it would be if blogging had been around during the 1800's. Can you imagine how fun reading blogs from "soiled doves" in Tombstone or " life on the wagon train" would have been?

I have a lot of respect and admiration for the talented women bloggers I have met and continue to discover every week. What excites me about creating this blog is I can finally be creative and express who I really am.

Life is an incredible journey and always changing. I felt a shift starting in my Inner Being (my spirit) a couple of years ago, as I was approaching what they call "middle age". I was raised with a Christian background. My family would occasionally attend the local Baptist church in the handful of small towns we lived in in Wyoming. However, I've never considered myself a religious person, more of a spiritual person with a strong belief in a higher power and a fascination with the many mysteries and wonders of the universe. A few years ago, I suddenly became extremely interested in life after death and all things paranormal. There were a few personal experiences that helped contribute to my growing desire to learn more about this subject, but it was also more than that. I had a life-altering experience at the age of 15. I broke my neck in an alcohol related car accident and became paralyzed from the chest down. My entire adult life has been filled with the challenges of living with a disability. So part of my interest in the spirit world came from a desire to know what my future (and all humans' futures) is going to be like when I'm free of the physical limitations plaguing me in this life. Not that I had become suicidal, I have an 11 year old beautiful daughter that I would never dream of leaving behind. I also have never lost my love of life. However, the disability, I could leave that behind in a heartbeat. I'm soooo over being paralyzed. Been there, done that, lets move on. I have gone on and lived life in the last 24 years since my accident. Did I finally accept life in a wheelchair as part of me? No way. Never have, never will. You can go on with your life and live it the best you can from a chair, but you never have to accept it as part of you if you don't want to. No offense to anyone else sitting in a chair that feels it is now part of them. Some people embrace disability as a part of what makes them who they are. This blog is not about trying to change anyone's mind or belief system. This is simply a place to share my own thoughts and experiences as I learn, expand and grow through my journey in this time and space. I turned 40 this year and I'm experiencing one of the most difficult transitions in my life. I'm about to become a single mom, actually, a single, disabled mom, as my 15 year relationship with my daughter's father is ending. My challenging life is suddenly about to become even more challenging, as I lose my partner, my best friend and most of my household income in one of the worst economies since the Great Depression.

The bright spot in my life right now is remembering who I really am. Feeling the shift in my Inner Being, bringing me closer to my spiritual, eternal self, balancing my energy, bringing me into alignment with my Source (God). The desires for more knowledge of a spiritual nature and a higher power have brought some amazing people and books into my life this year as well. Just in time, because this separation I'm going through would have been so much worse if I had not attracted this new knowledge into my life. As I begin to understand how this universal Law of Attraction works, I feel a new sense of hope knowing I can take an active role in the deliberate creation of the rest of my life's journey. One thing I have always held onto and always believed in is hope. Such a beautiful word.

I've also decided to write my story. I guess an autobiography. People have suggested this to me through the years, but it never really appealed to me because I'm an intensely private person. But perhaps sharing my experiences could serve a purpose. Maybe I could help someone struggling through hardships in their own life. I'm hoping to have my story published someday. I know at least one person on this Earth who would cherish it. My mother.