Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wish Upon a Hero Donations

If you have found my blog from the Wish Upon A Hero website, thank you so much for visiting and welcome. If you want to view my wish, click here. This blog post will also make more sense if you start there first.

 Although I don't get the time to post here as much as I would like, you can learn more about me here and I will also provide a link to Care Chest, the organization that helped me get my accessible van. I didn't have the space on Wish Upon A Hero to explain everything about my van loan so I will add a little more info here.

Care Chest is not a financial institution and does not normally handle the actual loan themselves. But they did arrange for Nevada State Bank to handle my low income loan originally. When I first started making my van payments, I was in a committed, long-term relationship with my daughter's father and so there were two incomes in my home. Unfortunately, he decided to leave the relationship a few years ago. I had to file bankruptcy and surrender my home because I could not afford the mortgage on my own. I was also worried about how I would make my van payments after paying rent, utilities and other necessary living expenses.

Fortunately, I had found a great writing job with a site called LoveToKnow. My background with the home decor business and my knowledge and passion for design and decorating brought me a wonderful opportunity to become a contributing writer on subjects such as interior design, bedding, antiques and furniture. This job was such a blessing because it guaranteed enough money to make my van payment each month. If it had only lasted a little longer, my van would be paid off by now or very close to it.

Care Chest had to actually take my loan over from the bank because I missed a payment or two while going through the evaluation process for my job. I resumed payments until all of us contributing writers at LoveToKnow received the devastating news that the site was losing money because of the Google Panda updates and all work would be stopping while the site went through the process of changing formats. For me, this meant a loss of about $400 a month in income. LoveToKnow did offer to keep me on as a design expert for their new advice format. While I really enjoy giving advice to the people who write in with decorating questions, I only make one fourth of what I was paid to write articles. Unfortunately, it's just not enough.

Since it has been so hard to find another writing job that can guarantee as much work as I had with LoveToKnow, I decided some extra credentials might help me find more work. Because a degree in Interior design is soooo expensive and I'm just not ready to take on 80,000 in student loan debt, I am taking classes on Interior decoration. The schooling is much less expensive and at least I'll get my foot in the door on an industry that I love.

I was hoping that the donations from Wish Upon a Hero could go straight to Care Chest but after submitting my wish request, I discovered it is set up differently. If you are interested in helping me save my wheelchair accessible van, you can always contact Care Chest directly, give them my name, Michelle Radcliff, and ask if they will accept a donation to help me pay down the balance left on my van. I will be contacting them soon myself to inform them about my decision to ask for help.

I have never publicly asked for financial help and this was not an easy thing to do. However, I will so much appreciate the universe,  God, and all others who bring me what I need to continue to have a healthy, happy, joy filled life full of freedom and adventure.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Farewell to Jerry Hicks

I was surprised to learn today about the passing on of Jerry Hicks. I did not know that he had been diagnosed with some form of cancer and had actually passed away on November 18, 2011.

Many times I hear the expression that a person has lost his "battle" with cancer. However, I doubt that Jerry was fighting against this disease because that does not make sense with the philosophy he and his wife, Esther, had so passionately shared with the world. I believe Jerry was probably very much accepting of what he had attracted into his life and where it would ultimately lead him.

I'm sure the skeptics and critics of spiritual philosophies like the Law of Attraction have taken Jerry's physical "death" as an opportunity to say, "See, the Law of Attraction doesn't work because this man, whose life was so centered around this belief system, failed in his attempt to attract perfect health and wellness."

However, Jerry Hicks spent the majority of his life healthy, happy and filled with an insatiable desire to connect with the divinity within himself. As he became more and more enlightened by the relationships he attracted into his physical experience, he also attracted the means to share this wonderful spiritual Enlightenment with millions of people throughout the world. I believe the spirit who resided in this man's physical body had a very precise and powerful purpose for choosing (attracting) the life he lived in this physical realm. Jerry Hicks was and always has been a teacher, a friend and a guide to help other spiritual beings remember who they really are.

Perhaps Jerry chose cancer as a way of showing others that "dying" is not defeat, it is not loss. Jerry Hicks did not lose a battle with cancer because he was never fighting against anything. He was simply floating downstream where his life path had always been taking him, back into the Vortex, back home to Source. Jerry has always been a beacon of light and love and will forever help others find their way.

I would like to thank Jerry and Esther Hicks (and Abraham) for being so instrumental in helping myself and so many others reawaken and connect with the inner beings that we really are. I am positive that Jerry will be there for Esther, everyday for the rest of her physical experience, until the day he welcomes her back home as well. I also believe that now that Jerry is non-physical again, he finally knows exactly how he touched every other spiritual being here on Earth. What intense joy he must be feeling now!

Farewell, Jerry Hicks, on your incredible eternal journey. Thank you for the gift of Enlightenment, which you so generously shared. You are loved.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Remembering to Appreciate

After finishing my second article for The on relationships and how they affect every aspect of our lives, I realize how my relationship with money has actually distracted me from focusing on what I really desire in life.

Back in August, I received the devastating news that I was being laid off from my job as a contributing writer for LoveToKnow. It turns out that many loyal writers and editors for this site were let go, without any kind of warning or the courtesy of a "heads up." This has resulted in a loss of about one third of my income. Not only am I unable to make my car payment, any extra spending money is gone as well.

It's really hard not to focus on your lack of money when you can't make your bills for the month. This whole recession seems like a vicious cycle, with all the negative news in the media about unemployment and how the economy continues to suffer. With so many minds focusing on these issues, the Law of Attraction is responding, and the universe keeps giving us more of the same.

Okay, it's time to regroup. I need to be okay with where I'm at. Everything is fine and I truly appreciate the wonderful job that has come to replace the one that I lost. There is so much abundance in the universe and there is plenty for everyone.

I am especially thankful that I was accepted as a Featured Contributor for Yahoo's Associated Content and that I am now the Las Vegas Freethought Examiner at I will be able to have creative control over the topics I write about here and I can focus on spiritual and self discovery articles. This will help me stay focused on being a deliberate creator.

I love that I have found my passion as a writer and that I have the opportunity to expand my career with great opportunities like these.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Well it's been way too long since my last post. All the way back in August of 2010. Sometimes life has a way of interfering with our passions.

I do a lot of writing but for now it's all focused on my job, writing about interior design, antiques, bedding and furniture. I do like to write about decorating and I am very thankful that I am actually getting paid as a writer. It is tough to keep up with the deadlines, keep up with the almost-but-not- quite teenage daughter that I homeschool, keep up with my website and put up with paralysis. I think it's the last one that gets to me the most. And it definitely slows me down the most.

I'm surprised that I still have any followers here at all. Thank you for not giving up on me. Or just forgetting that you were following me. ;). lol

I almost posted a couple of months ago. January 29, 2011 was a very, very sad day for me. My best friend in the whole world had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few months earlier. She was on medication and it seemed to be helping. I had ordered more medication for her online because it was much cheaper than buying through the animal hospital. However, because my best friend's Doctor and the online pharmacy did not communicate well, the medicine I ordered didn't quite make it on time. My little sick friend ran out of her ACE inhibitors over the weekend. She died late Sunday evening. Her medication was in the mailbox Monday morning but it was too late.

I know that death is just a transition. I know that animals have spirit energy just like humans. I know just as sure as there is a soul dwelling within this broken body of mine, that my little Sweetpea had a precious, sweet little soul that loved me as a dearly and passionately as I loved her. I felt that love every morning when she would lay her little body across my face and fore head as I lay in bed. I could hear her sweet little heart beating as she would snuggle her body into my face. It was pure unconditional love. This little dog was more than just family to me. She was truly one of my soulmates.

Even though I know she was suffering and she's in a much better place now, there is still an ache in my heart from just missing her presence. I miss her greeting me at the door when I would come home. I miss her snuggling in bed with me. I miss her riding around on my lap. I miss everything about her.

She has come to visit me several times in my dreams. I appreciate that. I think my cat Shadow misses her too. Shadow has picked up Sweetpea's carrot toy in her mouth on a few occasions and then calls out in her weird meowing way. Shadow used to bathe Sweetpea as if she was her kitten. It's hard to believe Shadow and Sweetpea used to be the same size.

I saw a fascinating episode of a reality TV show called "Pit Boss" recently that made me feel a little better about my own grief for my little friend. The show is about a little person named Shorty, who has a Pit Bull rescue organization in Los Angeles. His organization is run by himself and three other little people.

In this episode, a woman came into the rescue organization, called "Shortywood Productions", to adopt a puppy. She had a rather strange request, though. She asked Shorty if he would bring some of his dogs to her home and attend a seance, led by a psychic medium who could sense and communicate with animal spirits.

The reason for the seance was to try to communicate with this woman's beloved dog, who she had for 13 years. The dog had been dead for about a year and the woman was ready to adopt another dog. However, she wanted to make sure it was okay with her deceased dog.

Of course, Shorty and his crew were skeptical, to say the least. Psychic mediums who talk to dead people are one thing. Psychic mediums who talk to dead dogs-- even more of a stretch for most people. However, because Shorty is dedicated to finding homes for needy Pit Bulls, he agreed. So Shorty, two of his personal Pit Bull dogs and a couple of his rescue workers went to the seance.

I know a lot of reality TV shows are staged. However, by the looks on Ashley's face ( one of Shorty's rescue workers), Sebastian's face ( another rescue worker) and the woman's face trying to contact her deceased dog, it genuinely looked like these people were shocked and slightly amazed.

As the medium begin talking to the woman, she suddenly asked her a very odd and very personal question. The medium asked if the woman had ever had a miscarriage. the woman replied she did indeed have a miscarriage. The medium then told the woman that she had been carrying twins, a boy and a girl.

Not only was this information a surprise to everybody, something else unusual happened. Shorty's dog, Hercules, who never leaves Shorty's side, had been sleeping on the couch, next to Shorty. The dog suddenly got up off the couch and walked over to where the psychic medium was sitting. The dog then laid down next to her.

Apparently, this is highly unusual behavior for this dog. The rescue workers were shocked because Hercules never leaves Shorty's side. The medium said the dog could sense the energy coming through and that's why he got up to get closer to it.

The medium also told the woman that her deceased dog was with her two twins. She told the woman if she could finally let go of the dog that he could go into the light and finally move on. So that is what happened. And yes, the spirit dog felt fine about the woman adopting a new puppy. It makes sense, most dogs are welcoming of new members to their pack.

Now I wish I knew a medium like that. If the information she shared was true and this was not all staged by the show, she seems like the real deal. I know some people that read this will laugh and think I'm naive. That's okay. I do believe there are real mediums. And I know some people can totally communicate with animals through energy. Just watch the Dog Whisperer. People are blown away by how he (Cesar Milan) communicates with dogs. He's using energy. I think it is similar to how psychic mediums communicate with spirits, through energy.

I guess this post has gone on long enough. Maybe I'll meet someone someday that can tell me where Sweetpea is and how she's doing. I wonder if she thinks about me as often as I think about her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Replacing My Guilt With Appreciation

After looking over several of my previous posts, I started to notice a pattern. I seem to be apologizing to myself (because this blog is for myself as much as it is an outlet to share my insights and experiences with others) and to my readers (if anyone really is reading) for taking such long intervals between posting.

I realize there is no need to do this. My posts have been few, not because I'm lazy or because I'm not passionate about my spiritual journey. I don't post as much as I would like because I run a retail business by myself, I'm a single, disabled mom and I recently found a new job as a freelance writer. (now I'm making excuses, LOL) I am absolutely blessed because I have so much keeping me busy and I love my work. I am now a paid author and that feels incredible!

I am a contributing writer for LoveToKnow. It's a large website full of information about dozens of topics. I mainly write articles for the Home, Garden & Events channel, in categories such as Interior Design, Antiques, Bedding and Linens and Furniture. I also applied to write for their Paranormal category. I was fortunate to be given two article assignments during my training period to write about Ouija Boards. I have never had the opportunity to use one, so I had to do a lot of research on the subject to write the articles. I not only get the opportunity to educate myself on new subjects by researching and writing articles, I also get to work with some great editors who are helping me become a better writer. What a wonderful thing the Universe has brought me! While I do enjoy writing about interior design and decorating, my ultimate desire is to write on spiritual philosophy, metaphysics, self improvement (awakening), self healing and the paranormal.

Today, I am taking a break from work (shh...don't tell anyone ;) to browse through my favorite blogs and websites on spiritual news and philosophy. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of "reality" (yes, I use that term loosely, a better word would be distractions). I'm needing a big dose of positive energy and that comes easily from reading the amazing thoughts of others who are in alignment with their Source and sharing their enlightenment through their words. I feel like expressing my appreciation and gratitude for all that share their light on this amazing manifestation called the Internet.

I will hopefully be doing an article on psychic healing on LoveToKnow in the near future. I will be sure to post a link to it here when it's published. Here are the links to my articles on Ouija Boards. I know they are a controversial subject but having no personal experience with one myself, I was able to write about them objectively and without bias either way. If you have an experience or opinion you would like to share on the articles or Ouija Boards, feel free to leave a comment here or after the articles. Please be honest but also be courteous.

Ouija Board Seance

Free Ouija Board Readings

Now I'm off to share some comment love and appreciation. Have an amazing, fantastic, joyous life! :):)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Back...And Talking About Energy Healing

It's been awhile since my last post. Much longer than I intended to go. It's not because I haven't been writing, I've actually been so busy writing that my personal blog has been neglected. The only good thing about that is my aspirations of becoming a professional author are coming true. I'm taking baby steps but it looks like I may have secured a job as a freelance writer. And one of the subjects I will be writing about deals with the paranormal. Woo-hoo! I will actually get paid to write about a subject I love. Unfortunately, the website I'm writing for doesn't have a category on Spirituality. I'm hoping if things work out well, eventually I could get them to add this because I'm certain it would attract a lot of new readers. I will be posting more about this later to keep my beloved 10,000 followers (minus three zeros) updated.

Yes, I need more followers. If the universe brought you here, please follow me. I will return the favor. I know it's a bit desperate sounding but it never hurts to ask, right?

Some of the main reasons for starting this blog was to share myself with anyone willing to read it, to network with like-minded people and hopefully inspire others as I learn more about myself and my spiritual awakening.

OK, switching gears now. I recently watched a really cool show on the Biography channel about psychic healing. It featured a man named Dean Kraft. He is an energy healer. What sets Dean apart from most energy healers is his amazing success rate. He is the most medically and scientifically documented healer, using a laying on of hands technique to help people use their own mind's energy to heal themselves. I need to find a way to meet this man.

I am so excited when I come across stories like Dean's. I know the mind (thoughts, visualization, belief) has the power to heal the body in miraculous ways. It just really helps to reinforce the belief I now have when I see proof.

Since I just found Dean Kraft's website, I am going to spend some time learning more about energy healing. I will be back soon to post more about this fascinating subject. My ultimate dream would be to heal myself and then help others do the same thing. But I think I need some sleep first.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Astral Projection

During my recent move, I found a set of Time-Life books I had bought close to twenty years ago called Mysteries of the Unknown. I had forgotten all about them and so it was a treat to find them. The series covers many subjects on the paranormal. Unfortunately, I only have 6 of them and there are 33 in the series. If anyone knows how I could get the rest, feel free to leave me a comment.

In one of the books titled "Psychic Voyages", there is a lot of information about astral projection. While I have heard the term before, I didn't know much about the subject. Now that I understand what it is and how people do it, it is something that intrigues me very much. I've been stuck in a paralyzed body for 25 years. I'm way overdue for a vacation.

I know there are some people who fear this concept because they believe demons or evil spirits could enter or posses their physical body while they are out. But I don't think this is very likely, especially in my case. It would take a fairly stupid demon to trap itself in a physical body that doesn't work too well. ;)

I believe I was having an out of body experience the night of my accident. The car I was riding in had rolled and my neck was broken when the roof of the car came down on my head. Someone had pulled me out of the car and as I lay on the ground, flat on my back, I began to feel my legs start to float up in the air. It felt as if I was being pulled out of my body by my feet. This terrified me because I thought if I left my body, that was it, I would surely die. So I fought the floating sensation with everything I had, even begging my friends to put my legs back on the ground. Of course this confused them a great deal because they could see my legs were already on the ground. They couldn't see what I could feel and I clearly felt my legs floating upwards as if they had been filled with helium.

Now I would very much like to learn how to astral project. It certainly doesn't sound easy, but what a rewarding experience this would be for me. The hardest part might be actually coming back into this prison of a body. Its not that I don't love and appreciate my physical body because I do. I just need my freedom.

In addition to the concept of astral projection, I'm also open to the concept of self healing. Miraculous healing happens around us all the time but we often don't really pay attention to it. Can the body really heal itself from any injury? Wouldn't a person have to totally believe in this in order for it to happen? Yes, the belief would be essential. If the energy of our thoughts really does affect matter then anything is possible. Everything is possible. Impossible becomes possible.

I need to go and really wrap my head around this. Any thoughts on the subject of astral projection, out of body experiences or self healing would be greatly appreciated.


(The beautiful surreal artwork at the top of this post is by artist Brian Exton. )