Friday, August 6, 2010

Replacing My Guilt With Appreciation

After looking over several of my previous posts, I started to notice a pattern. I seem to be apologizing to myself (because this blog is for myself as much as it is an outlet to share my insights and experiences with others) and to my readers (if anyone really is reading) for taking such long intervals between posting.

I realize there is no need to do this. My posts have been few, not because I'm lazy or because I'm not passionate about my spiritual journey. I don't post as much as I would like because I run a retail business by myself, I'm a single, disabled mom and I recently found a new job as a freelance writer. (now I'm making excuses, LOL) I am absolutely blessed because I have so much keeping me busy and I love my work. I am now a paid author and that feels incredible!

I am a contributing writer for LoveToKnow. It's a large website full of information about dozens of topics. I mainly write articles for the Home, Garden & Events channel, in categories such as Interior Design, Antiques, Bedding and Linens and Furniture. I also applied to write for their Paranormal category. I was fortunate to be given two article assignments during my training period to write about Ouija Boards. I have never had the opportunity to use one, so I had to do a lot of research on the subject to write the articles. I not only get the opportunity to educate myself on new subjects by researching and writing articles, I also get to work with some great editors who are helping me become a better writer. What a wonderful thing the Universe has brought me! While I do enjoy writing about interior design and decorating, my ultimate desire is to write on spiritual philosophy, metaphysics, self improvement (awakening), self healing and the paranormal.

Today, I am taking a break from work (shh...don't tell anyone ;) to browse through my favorite blogs and websites on spiritual news and philosophy. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of "reality" (yes, I use that term loosely, a better word would be distractions). I'm needing a big dose of positive energy and that comes easily from reading the amazing thoughts of others who are in alignment with their Source and sharing their enlightenment through their words. I feel like expressing my appreciation and gratitude for all that share their light on this amazing manifestation called the Internet.

I will hopefully be doing an article on psychic healing on LoveToKnow in the near future. I will be sure to post a link to it here when it's published. Here are the links to my articles on Ouija Boards. I know they are a controversial subject but having no personal experience with one myself, I was able to write about them objectively and without bias either way. If you have an experience or opinion you would like to share on the articles or Ouija Boards, feel free to leave a comment here or after the articles. Please be honest but also be courteous.

Ouija Board Seance

Free Ouija Board Readings

Now I'm off to share some comment love and appreciation. Have an amazing, fantastic, joyous life! :):)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Back...And Talking About Energy Healing

It's been awhile since my last post. Much longer than I intended to go. It's not because I haven't been writing, I've actually been so busy writing that my personal blog has been neglected. The only good thing about that is my aspirations of becoming a professional author are coming true. I'm taking baby steps but it looks like I may have secured a job as a freelance writer. And one of the subjects I will be writing about deals with the paranormal. Woo-hoo! I will actually get paid to write about a subject I love. Unfortunately, the website I'm writing for doesn't have a category on Spirituality. I'm hoping if things work out well, eventually I could get them to add this because I'm certain it would attract a lot of new readers. I will be posting more about this later to keep my beloved 10,000 followers (minus three zeros) updated.

Yes, I need more followers. If the universe brought you here, please follow me. I will return the favor. I know it's a bit desperate sounding but it never hurts to ask, right?

Some of the main reasons for starting this blog was to share myself with anyone willing to read it, to network with like-minded people and hopefully inspire others as I learn more about myself and my spiritual awakening.

OK, switching gears now. I recently watched a really cool show on the Biography channel about psychic healing. It featured a man named Dean Kraft. He is an energy healer. What sets Dean apart from most energy healers is his amazing success rate. He is the most medically and scientifically documented healer, using a laying on of hands technique to help people use their own mind's energy to heal themselves. I need to find a way to meet this man.

I am so excited when I come across stories like Dean's. I know the mind (thoughts, visualization, belief) has the power to heal the body in miraculous ways. It just really helps to reinforce the belief I now have when I see proof.

Since I just found Dean Kraft's website, I am going to spend some time learning more about energy healing. I will be back soon to post more about this fascinating subject. My ultimate dream would be to heal myself and then help others do the same thing. But I think I need some sleep first.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Astral Projection

During my recent move, I found a set of Time-Life books I had bought close to twenty years ago called Mysteries of the Unknown. I had forgotten all about them and so it was a treat to find them. The series covers many subjects on the paranormal. Unfortunately, I only have 6 of them and there are 33 in the series. If anyone knows how I could get the rest, feel free to leave me a comment.

In one of the books titled "Psychic Voyages", there is a lot of information about astral projection. While I have heard the term before, I didn't know much about the subject. Now that I understand what it is and how people do it, it is something that intrigues me very much. I've been stuck in a paralyzed body for 25 years. I'm way overdue for a vacation.

I know there are some people who fear this concept because they believe demons or evil spirits could enter or posses their physical body while they are out. But I don't think this is very likely, especially in my case. It would take a fairly stupid demon to trap itself in a physical body that doesn't work too well. ;)

I believe I was having an out of body experience the night of my accident. The car I was riding in had rolled and my neck was broken when the roof of the car came down on my head. Someone had pulled me out of the car and as I lay on the ground, flat on my back, I began to feel my legs start to float up in the air. It felt as if I was being pulled out of my body by my feet. This terrified me because I thought if I left my body, that was it, I would surely die. So I fought the floating sensation with everything I had, even begging my friends to put my legs back on the ground. Of course this confused them a great deal because they could see my legs were already on the ground. They couldn't see what I could feel and I clearly felt my legs floating upwards as if they had been filled with helium.

Now I would very much like to learn how to astral project. It certainly doesn't sound easy, but what a rewarding experience this would be for me. The hardest part might be actually coming back into this prison of a body. Its not that I don't love and appreciate my physical body because I do. I just need my freedom.

In addition to the concept of astral projection, I'm also open to the concept of self healing. Miraculous healing happens around us all the time but we often don't really pay attention to it. Can the body really heal itself from any injury? Wouldn't a person have to totally believe in this in order for it to happen? Yes, the belief would be essential. If the energy of our thoughts really does affect matter then anything is possible. Everything is possible. Impossible becomes possible.

I need to go and really wrap my head around this. Any thoughts on the subject of astral projection, out of body experiences or self healing would be greatly appreciated.


(The beautiful surreal artwork at the top of this post is by artist Brian Exton. )

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Enjoy The Journey Of Evolution

I just read a great article on Spirit News Daily entitled Conscious Evolution. It states how we continue to evolve in our concept of God and prayer, the way we communicate and experience the divine. The author also talks about Ernest Holmes, who states "God is not a becoming God. God is not an evolving God. God is that which was, is and will remain perfect, complete, happy and harmonious." In other words, it is we who are evolving, not God.

But, if we are truly extensions of this Source energy, this eternal living universal consciousness we call God, then God is evolving because God is in all of us. If we are truly one conscious stream of intelligent energy, we cannot truly be separate from God, nor can God be separate from us.

How do you think the human race is evolving? From one perspective, it could be said that the human race is getting out of hand. There is still so much violence, anger, ignorance, greed and intolerance. We continue to destroy forests, we continue to consume fossil fuels, we continue to pollute the environment, despite indisputable evidence of the danger this poses to our entire planet. Humans can almost be compared to a virus, an organism that takes so much from its host that it eventually destroys it.

From another perspective, the human race really does seem to be evolving at an incredible pace. We seem to be making leaps and bounds in technology and science, especially in the last one hundred years. Efforts to protect the environment and begin to reverse some of the damage we've caused to the planet over the last hundred years are growing. We are becoming much more tolerant of the differences between us and there seems to be a widespread effort of acceptance. Many people now seem to be turning more toward spirituality instead of religion.

Life cannot exist without change. The universe and everything in it will continue to expand and evolve. I have felt this expansion and evolution within myself. I could not find any religion that really rang true to me, that just felt right. But I've always known there is more to life than just this so called reality that we're living. I've always felt that there are incredible and amazing mysteries out there that are just waiting to be discovered and understood. Or maybe even remembered. This is where my spiritual path is taking me. Something deep inside me, the part directly connected to the universal Source energy that flows through me, is directing me where to go and attracting the knowledge that I'm seeking to me. So I'm just now discovering how to enjoy the journey.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

And My Faith In HuMANity Is Restored

Its so nice to know that there are still honest people in the world. This was shown to me in tough economic times and in an even tougher city.

If you were to leave a wallet laying on the floor in a Las Vegas gas station full of debit and credit cards and about $40.00 in cash, what do you think the odds are that you could come back in half an hour and recover it with everything intact? I'm not much of a gambling person myself but I would think that the odds of a full recovery would not be favorable at all. I doubt that very many people would be willing to offer their wallet to test this scenario, myself included. But, unknowingly, this is exactly what I did last Sunday afternoon. While in the checkout line at a local Shell station, my wallet had fallen out of my purse. It was discovered shortly after we had left town. We were pulling up to the fee area at Lake Mead and I was looking for my wallet to get my Golden Access card out.

After a quick check of the van, I realized it was definitely gone. I knew the only place it could be was back at the gas station. My heart sank as I thought of the endless stream of people that go in and out of a place like that all day. Money is tight for everyone right now, not to mention I live in Las Vegas, which needs no further explanation.

So instead of panicking and letting all of the worst case scenarios enter my thoughts, I made the instant choice to remain calm and just believe that an honest person had noticed the wallet and did exactly what I would have done, turn it in to the cashier so the rightful owner could come back to claim it. My ID was also in the wallet but because I have recently moved, it still has my old address. So I did not entertain the thought of someone trying to mail it back to me. The logical thing an honest person would do is give it to the cashier because most people will come back to the last place they visited when losing a wallet. So I calmly kept this thought going in my mind as we drove back into town. In the past, I would have been freaking out the entire drive back, imagining all kinds of horrible people happily taking everything I have. Its good when you have studied the Law of Attraction and realize how important and powerful your thoughts are.

Sure enough, when we returned to the Shell station, the nice young man that had checked us out before was waiting for us to come back for the wallet. He had noticed it lying on the floor after we had left. Everything was still in the wallet, including the cash.

The more we believe in and appreciate the good in people around us, the more good people we attract into our experience.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Starting Over

It's been awhile since my last post. Moving out of a home you've lived in for the last ten years is a daunting task. It's amazing how much junk you accumulate over the years. One of the advantages of moving is that you get a chance to start over in a new place and let go of all that stuff that was just taking up space. I have to let a lot of things go, there's not much choice when you're going from a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment.

I'm finding it much easier to let go of stuff but its not so easy when it comes to feelings. How long does the pain of losing someone you love stick around? As long as you allow it to hurt. I know Abraham says that we create our own reality through the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. I suppose I'm holding myself in a vibration of heartache. Its hard to let go of those feelings for someone when you still have to see them everyday.

And these social networking sites that everyone are so crazy about definitely have a negative impact on people's lives when they become the catalyst for destroying or damaging relationships. Facebook played a significant role in causing my 15 year relationship to end in such a painful way. You have to take a deep breath when you see the woman who literally pulled the rug out from under you without so much as batting an eye, gloating about it on the internet.

I can't understand how or why some women can engage in relationships with men who are cheating on wives or girlfriends. Why would you want to put another woman who has done nothing to you through that? And how can you have any respect for or trust a man who would do that? What makes these type of women so sure that their cheating men won't turn around and do it to them in the future?

As bad as my experience has been over this last year, I have come away from it knowing these things for certain. I will never, ever knowingly engage in a relationship with a man who has a wife or girlfriend. I would never want to put any woman through what I just went through, especially if children are involved. I know most people don't have much empathy for celebrities, but I really feel for women like Sandra Bullock who have to go through this humiliating, heartbreak publicly. I think what hurts even more than losing your lover is losing your best friend. Lovers come and go but when you think you have found your true soul mate and he then shatters that dream, where do you go from there? Call me, Sandy, let's do lunch.

What I must do now is work on myself. I want to find my own sense of peace somehow. I need to let go of any feelings of betrayal or injustice and let karma take care of whatever needs it. I took my daughter to the pool today and as I sat in the warm rays of the sun's energy rereading "Ask And It Is Given", Abraham was saying the best way to take your attention and focus off of something you don't want is to redirect your attention and focus to something else. Brilliant and simple. I need to focus on healing, allowing the stream of Well Being to flow into my body, mind and spirit. I want to love myself more than I have ever loved myself before. I am realizing now that during my relationship, I was allowing myself to be extremely mistreated because of my own insecurities. I was not loving myself at all and therefore, not allowing anyone else to truly love me the way that I deserve to be loved. I am worthy of commitment, I am worthy of being treated as an equal, I am worthy of real love.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plant A Tree By Posting Your Thoughts About Carbon Neutral Blogs

I just wrote the following post on my home decorating blog. As far as I can tell, this is a legitimate cause. I wanted to participate because I love trees. I am so blessed to be moving into an apartment that is surrounded by many big beautiful trees. I'm moving this week and look forward to posting pictures of my new place. Meanwhile, enjoy reading about this cool initiative and post about it yourself!

Do blogs grow on trees? My educated guess would be no, as I've never heard of a blog tree. But it now seems that blogs can help plant trees. So let's talk about outdoor decorating, mother nature style. Help us decorate a forest with more trees!

I recently received an email from a German organization called kaufDA, asking me to participate in an initiative that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by planting a tree for every blog that posts about it. I do get a lot of scam emails so I did a little research before starting this post. Thanks to the tireless efforts of blog owners like, who wrote many emails requesting verification of this organization's claims before joining the bandwagon, I feel safe in joining the cause. Anything that can positively affect the environment is worthwhile to me.

KaufDA's plan is to plant these blog-supported trees in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation. You can read more about why this Californian forest needs help and joining the cause by visiting

The German organization's site claims that planting one tree for your blog will neutralise its carbon footprint for the next 50 years. Whether this is a scientific fact or not, I am certain that every tree that gets planted is more than worth the effort of writing about it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recommended Reading: "Think And Grow Rich"

I have heard about Napoleon Hill's book "Think And Grow Rich" as it is mentioned by Jerry Hicks in the forward he wrote for "Money and The Law of Attraction." I was recently browsing on the web when I came across a free copy of "Think And Grow Rich" as a downloadable ebook. So I downloaded my free copy and have started to read it. What struck me first is the similarity of the state of the world when this book was first published, 1937, to how it is now. Napoleon makes many references to the economic collapse of the Great Depression and how times were about to change, how a new race was about to be run in the new changed world and how the world would demand new ideas, new inventions, new leaders, new books, new features and ideas in radio and moving pictures. He knew out of the incredible suffering and hardship that society had just experienced, the opportunity for new desires, ideas and success was about to explode and he couldn't have been more right!

So here we are again, in an economic crisis that has not been experienced at such a level since the Great Depression. Along with the economy, our world also faces a rapidly changing environment. Not from the natural cycles of environmental changes the world has experienced through the ages, but from the explosion of population and technology. Our climate is changing at such a staggering rate, we have already entered into uncharted territory. Once again, we need new ideas, new ways of thinking, new types of leaders, new types of technologies. I feel like the world as we know it is about to change. A shift is coming, it needs to happen because to continue along the same path would eventually lead to stagnation, to destruction, to death. Life is always about changing, about growing, about evolving. Since there is no true death, there can only be change.

Napoleon Hill was asked by Andrew Carnegie to interview 500 of the wealthiest and most successful men of the era, a task which took Hill over 20 years to complete. Mr. Carnegie knew Napoleon would uncover the secret that these people were using to acheive their fortunes and success. Once again, it has to do with the incredible power source within all of us, our conscious thoughts. The more knowledge we acquire from education, experience and a connection to Source energy, combined with desire and belief, provides us with unlimited potential for creating
everything imaginable.

I am grateful for the LOA, which enabled me to attract this book into my experience. It wouldn't have been something I would be looking for on my next visit to the bookstore and I would have missed out on some fascinating reading. I haven't read it all yet, so I'm off to read more!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flowing Downstream Feels Sooo Good

My last post was definitely a good outlet for me. When I begin a post, I have an idea about what I'm going to write about but as my thoughts flow, where I end is sometimes a surprise as one thought attracts another. My intent is always the same. Even if I begin talking about challenges or hardships that I'm experiencing, the point is not to dwell on or focus on the negative. Writing about it is therapy for me as it helps me figure out why these things are manifesting in my experience, which helps lead me to how or what can I do to change it. So the end result is that I have managed to find better feeling thoughts, to feel better than I did when I first started to write.

So when I realized my heartache and grief over my relationship was bringing me more unwanted experiences and that it was quickly snowballing into one big unhappy mess, I made a conscious effort to catch myself the moment I had a thought that would bring those feelings on. I would then think about something I could be grateful for. I would think about all the love still present in my life and the inspirational people I've had the pleasure of meeting. While there have been a few rocks (hard spots) I've bumped into, I've allowed myself to roll over them and keep going downstream.

Yesterday was a day of heavy rain, part of a 4 day rainy weather event that is such a treat for us living in the desert. It also was a day that the floodgates of good news seemed to open up for me. It started with letters in the mail stating that my daughter and I have been approved for some programs I had applied for almost 2 months ago. My assistant-in-training called to say she had passed the driving test she needed to take to get her learner's permit. An important first step in getting her driver's license which she will need to be able to help me get around. I had a phone interview with a local agency I had contacted to possibly help me with a bathroom modification since I have been unable to find the shower I need in a 3 bedroom apartment. The news they gave me was better than what I was asking for. There is a new piece of adaptive equipment available that was developed in New Zealand that eliminates the need for expensive bathroom modifications for wheelchair users. This ingenious device will allow me to use a bathtub easily, with no risk of injury to me or my assistant. The cost of this device will be 100% covered for me and unlike a standard structural modification, I can take this with me wherever I choose to live.

I can't even describe the relief and joy I felt. I didn't even know such a thing existed. It opens up a whole new world of freedom to me because now I can live in literally hundreds of places that have bathtubs instead of walk-in or roll-in showers. I would like to hug and kiss whoever was responsible for the invention of this blessed product, whether its one person or a team of people, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for what the Universe/Source/God has provided for myself and others to make life easier. Wow, 01/21/10 was a wonderful day for me!! Its like the rain came and washed a huge worry away, leaving me refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

I still have some more hurdles to cross before I can relocate, settle in and begin my new life. But I finally feel a good downstream current at my back.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Starting off Upstream, Need to Turn This Boat Around

I can’t say that 2010 has started off with a bang. I am a couple of months away from moving out of my house (a nice way of putting I’m losing my home). While change is good, getting a fresh start, it doesn’t mean that its easy. Finding an accessible, affordable 3 bedroom apartment has turned into more of a challenge than I expected it to be. The companies that build apartment complexes and think they are making the handicapped units “accessible” need to be getting more advise from wheelchair users. They think making a wider doorway and installing some grab bars around the bathtub is all they need to do, when actually they should be installing roll-in showers.
And the few places that do have roll-in showers only offer them in 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. So if you’re disabled and have kids, this becomes a real problem.

I wish I could say this was the only problem. However, right before Christmas a pipe broke under my kitchen floor, underneath the foundation of the house. Yes, about a $1200 plumbing job. So we have to keep the water to my house turned off at the street unless we’re showering or doing laundry. I wish I could say that was the only problem with my house. New Year’s Day my central heating stopped working. Good thing I live in Las Vegas but it still gets cold here in the winter. All of this while I’m trying to save money to move in a couple of months.

Its hard to understand how things keep unraveling when I thought I was staying optimistic. But underneath, it’s the separation I’m going through, the emotional pain that runs deep. I haven’t been very successful at keeping my vibration high with good feeling thoughts. I didn’t focus on having my house fall apart. But it finally occurred to me, maybe a broken heart vibration is attracting some of the negative chaos going on around me. It makes sense because I find myself thinking thoughts about this break up and they just start escalating until I feel physical pain inside. This leads to depression, despair, feeling helpless and lots of crying. I need to stop this before I collapse my roof! :)

I need to remember who I really am. I am a deliberate creator. I need to catch myself when I start that downward spiral. Reach for better feeling thoughts. I can’t tune into the frequency of the things I desire in life when I keep myself tuned into what’s making me miserable. That just makes sense. The message that the most important thing is that I feel good has been popping up every time I read or listen to spiritual messages. Its time to pay attention and realign.