Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evolution of The Truth

As I study and learn more about the Law of Attraction and that we live in a vibrationally based Universe, it excites me when I watch shows on The Science Channel or National Geographic that deal with things like quantum physics and energy. Because the closer we get to understanding the truth, the more it seems to make sense that sometimes we must unlearn what we know in order to advance.

Throughout history, science and religion have butted heads in the ultimate struggle to understand and explain our world and the meaning of life. How did we get here? Why are we here, what is the meaning or purpose to all of this? And perhaps the biggest question of all, what happens to us after we die?

In the past and unfortunately, even now mainstream science and mainstream religion share the same distinct flaw. Their rigid, tunnel vision of stubbornly sticking to long held beliefs that everything is black or white. They both denounce the other as being a distraction from the truth. A serious minded scientist must dismiss the concept of God, of a higher power, an intelligent, conscious, loving energy source that deliberately creates in an eternal expansion. Religion has no room for science which continues to contradict the unquestioning faith that devout followers must uphold. Both have held their own resistance to new theories and ideas that actually delve into the gray area where the evolution of science and the concept of a higher power meet. The best scientists, in my opinion, are the ones that keep their minds open to all possibilities, including the ones that deal with the supernatural. Just within the last 100 years, there was much controversy over things like the existence of atoms, which today is simply a common fact that any middle school student would know. So what was once pseudo science, eventually becomes common, accepted knowledge. Often when major scientific discoveries are made, it changes and redefines everything we thought we knew about our world, about life, about reality. So therefore, reality is constantly changing as we know it. (Or as we think we know it.)

So, concepts like multiple universes, multiple dimensions, bending or folding the fabric of space and the concept that all matter is mostly empty space, help open our minds to allow more creative expressions of truth. To allow the concept of the improbable becoming probable. To allow the simplest theory, the credit it deserves, as Occam's razor suggests, even when that theory deals with the supernatural.


spirtkid said...

Such a great post :) and blog!

I agree with what ya say, science paved the way out of a lot of religious dogma and now is just stuck in its own. They used to think earth was the center of the universe and that the earth was flat. Science is slowly however proving that there is MUCH more out there. Acupuncture points and a basic energy body have all ready been proven and so much more.

Anyways I love the layout and will be linking to you on my blog. Hope to see more posts soon.

Michelle (hometc) said...

Thank you, spiritkid! Sorry for the slow response, its been a tough week but your thoughts are much appreciated! I like your blog also, best wishes on everything you're doing.