Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Is They Key To Successful Meditation

Wow, this last week was a rough one for me. I don't know about anyone else but for some reason, reaching for those good feeling thoughts became harder and harder. Most of it is just too personal to go into detail on the internet. Its just so difficult sometimes to stay happy and be OK with everything that's happening in your life when the people around you, the ones that you care about and want a good relationship with, are showing little regard for your feelings. The conflict becomes more complicated when these are people whom you must be interacting with because of the circumstances. When you don't have the freedom to escape an uncomfortable situation, those negative feelings of powerlessness, depression and desperation seem to just swallow you. Like getting caught in a whirlpool and being sucked in a downward spiral.

I've been trying lately to use meditation as a way to realign and connect with Source and those Non-Physical teachers and guides that are always there to help. But I just don't have it right yet. I know meditation is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. People can actually control things like their heart rate through meditation as well as healing themselves and this is an energy I really want to tap into.

My biggest problem with trying to meditate right now is that I guess I go too deep and fall asleep. I'll have to remember that the next time I get insomnia. But I'm trying to tune into something, not fall asleep!

So I guess this will require some more research on the subject besides just relaxing and breathing deeply. I really feel that meditation will greatly improve my Well-Being if I can learn to do it correctly. I would love and appreciate any help or suggestions on meditating.


Neq said...

Did you read my page on symbolic journeying? It's under the discovery tab in my menu. Some of the problem with you falling asleep while meditating is the time of day you are choosing to do it.
A practiced meditator like myself does not need the quiet time or the stillness. We meditate while at work or while driving with short, regular thought journeys.
There are different tyoes of meditation and meditation is used for different reasons so depending on what you want to do will depend on how you go about it.

I get the feeling that we were meant to meet, I am just beginning to understand manifestation and you meditation.

Cool, let's stay in touch, I see you are on Ning, you could check out my site, You'll love it and I'll check out yours... lol

With love,


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Michelle (hometc) said...

Hi James,
Thanks for the suggestions and taking the time to stop by. I am using the Law of Attraction to attract like-minded, spiritual people into my life and can see that its working. How wonderful to make a new connection on the other side of our beautiful planet! Nice to meet you!
Hugs & Love