Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alignment of Energy For 2010

Wow, 2009 was a year of extreme contrast for me. In one perspective, it was more challenging than any other year of my life besides 1985 (the year I broke my neck). It has been a year of heartache, loss and extreme financial hardship. But in another perspective it has been a year of profound spiritual awakening. It has been a complete life changing transformation. I have attracted knowledge and people into my life this year that has me looking at and experiencing life in a whole new way.

I have a renewed sense of hope and passion for life. This comes from the spiritual teachings from many different sources that have reminded me of who I really am. I am an eternal being that came from the non-physical Source of All-That-Is, into this physical time-space reality. I came forth from my Source to experience the contrast of this life and to expand, evolve and enjoy the journey.

It has been a lot to absorb over the past year. sometimes it can be very difficult to find the joy in the journey, in the experience when you're completely out of alignment with that Source energy, your Inner Being. I've gone through most of my adult life with this misalignment and not even being aware of it. My desires and my beliefs just did not match up vibrationally. I had no idea of the concept that my thoughts and beliefs could actually affect my reality. I had no idea that I have so much power over my own life experiences. In fact, living all these years with paralysis has left me feeling very powerless, very vulnerable.

I am so grateful for the knowledge (the remembering) that as an extension of Source energy (being one with God, All-That-Is), I am the one person who can control my experience. When I have a desire, I simply need to focus on bringing my belief into vibrational alignment with that desire so that Source can bring about the actual manifestation of my desire. Without the right alignment of energies, desires or wants just attract more of the same. The universe will keep bringing you the wanting that you're vibrationally aligned with. It is the alignment with the belief regarding a desire that manifests it into reality.

So I will go into this new year for the first time in my life (this physical life) as a deliberate creator. I will be aware of how powerful my thoughts and beliefs are and how much they influence my reality. I will work on aligning my desires with my beliefs and aligning myself with my Source. I believe there is a global shift in consciousness happening. Some say the veil is thinning. I believe more of us are remembering Who We Really Are, realizing the divinity within us, that we truly are all connected as one.


Donovan said...

Well said, and have a happy new year.