Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alignment of Energy For 2010

Wow, 2009 was a year of extreme contrast for me. In one perspective, it was more challenging than any other year of my life besides 1985 (the year I broke my neck). It has been a year of heartache, loss and extreme financial hardship. But in another perspective it has been a year of profound spiritual awakening. It has been a complete life changing transformation. I have attracted knowledge and people into my life this year that has me looking at and experiencing life in a whole new way.

I have a renewed sense of hope and passion for life. This comes from the spiritual teachings from many different sources that have reminded me of who I really am. I am an eternal being that came from the non-physical Source of All-That-Is, into this physical time-space reality. I came forth from my Source to experience the contrast of this life and to expand, evolve and enjoy the journey.

It has been a lot to absorb over the past year. sometimes it can be very difficult to find the joy in the journey, in the experience when you're completely out of alignment with that Source energy, your Inner Being. I've gone through most of my adult life with this misalignment and not even being aware of it. My desires and my beliefs just did not match up vibrationally. I had no idea of the concept that my thoughts and beliefs could actually affect my reality. I had no idea that I have so much power over my own life experiences. In fact, living all these years with paralysis has left me feeling very powerless, very vulnerable.

I am so grateful for the knowledge (the remembering) that as an extension of Source energy (being one with God, All-That-Is), I am the one person who can control my experience. When I have a desire, I simply need to focus on bringing my belief into vibrational alignment with that desire so that Source can bring about the actual manifestation of my desire. Without the right alignment of energies, desires or wants just attract more of the same. The universe will keep bringing you the wanting that you're vibrationally aligned with. It is the alignment with the belief regarding a desire that manifests it into reality.

So I will go into this new year for the first time in my life (this physical life) as a deliberate creator. I will be aware of how powerful my thoughts and beliefs are and how much they influence my reality. I will work on aligning my desires with my beliefs and aligning myself with my Source. I believe there is a global shift in consciousness happening. Some say the veil is thinning. I believe more of us are remembering Who We Really Are, realizing the divinity within us, that we truly are all connected as one.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Choosing vs Wanting

I am just starting to really understand and get the concept of letting go of want. All my life I have been used to wanting things, I want that shirt, I want that car, I want to travel, I want to have fun. And of course, after my accident, the only thing I really wanted was to walk again. I want control of my body back, I want to feel "normal" again, I want my freedom!

Recently, this "wanting" has been brought to my attention by several different spiritual sources. The amazing thing is that it has mostly been within the last week. I love it when the universe, the Law Of Attraction, Source, God, The Force (a little George Lucas humor), brings me the truth through so many different channels because it helps me absorb the information better when I hear or read it from different messengers.

So what I'm beginning to understand is that the wanting of these things is what's getting in the way of actually having them. It makes sense with the Law Of Attraction, if you're wanting and you're wanting and you're wanting, then your vibrational frequency is going to be one of wanting and the universe will keep bringing you more of that. How many of us are a perfect vibrational match for wanting? Everybody wants something, right?

I don't want to keep wanting and never actually get what I want. So from now on I will choose things instead of wanting them. I choose to be financially secure. I choose to have friends. I choose to be healthy. I choose to be happy. I choose to help others. I choose to manifest miracles. I choose freedom. I choose love.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Do We Create With Thought

Anyone who understands the Law of Attraction knows that which is like unto itself is drawn. Like attracts like, so focusing your thoughts on things you want will attract more thoughts like this, helping you to align your point of attraction to that which you desire. To manifest your desires into reality, the vibrational frequencies must match. But have you ever wondered how thoughts actually become things of creation in our physical world?

Neale Donald Walsch has some fascinating insight on this in his dialogue with God, or Source energy, in book one of his Conversations With God series. He describes thought as pure energy, which upon leaving your being, heads out into the universe, extending forever. These thoughts congeal, meeting other thoughts that are alike, creating an incredibly complex maze of energy. Like energy keeps attracting like energy which forms "clumps" of energy. Eventually, when mass amounts of these energy clumps stick to each other, matter begins to form, literally out of pure energy. Matter remains in its physical state until it is disrupted by an opposing or dissimilar form of energy. The dissimilar energy acting upon the matter dismembers it, releasing the raw energy that the matter was made of.

It is truly amazing when you break it down like this. Thoughts are like little electrical sparks in our minds. This energy travels through our nerves giving life and power to our muscles, enabling us to move. I wonder how many other thoughts we fire off each day, all this enormous amout of energy flowing out of us in a constant stream. If you could actually see this energy, we would probably look like a chunk of dry ice in a punch bowl but instead of smoke it would look like streams of colorful light rays shooting out of our heads. The atmosphere must be filled with all this thought energy!

This is probably what hits you when you walk into a room and instantly feel a bad or creepy "vibe." A conglomeration of negative thoughts that have attracted each other. If mass amounts of negative energy clump together, well that's probably not a good place to be.

On the other hand, this is the power of prayer. The more people can come together with like-minded, positive thought energy, the greater the chance to manifest miracles. With a massive shift in conciousness, we could truly come together to better our world. This would be a huge leap in our evolution. Imagine the power of co-creating through love instead of fear.