Monday, March 28, 2011

Well it's been way too long since my last post. All the way back in August of 2010. Sometimes life has a way of interfering with our passions.

I do a lot of writing but for now it's all focused on my job, writing about interior design, antiques, bedding and furniture. I do like to write about decorating and I am very thankful that I am actually getting paid as a writer. It is tough to keep up with the deadlines, keep up with the almost-but-not- quite teenage daughter that I homeschool, keep up with my website and put up with paralysis. I think it's the last one that gets to me the most. And it definitely slows me down the most.

I'm surprised that I still have any followers here at all. Thank you for not giving up on me. Or just forgetting that you were following me. ;). lol

I almost posted a couple of months ago. January 29, 2011 was a very, very sad day for me. My best friend in the whole world had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few months earlier. She was on medication and it seemed to be helping. I had ordered more medication for her online because it was much cheaper than buying through the animal hospital. However, because my best friend's Doctor and the online pharmacy did not communicate well, the medicine I ordered didn't quite make it on time. My little sick friend ran out of her ACE inhibitors over the weekend. She died late Sunday evening. Her medication was in the mailbox Monday morning but it was too late.

I know that death is just a transition. I know that animals have spirit energy just like humans. I know just as sure as there is a soul dwelling within this broken body of mine, that my little Sweetpea had a precious, sweet little soul that loved me as a dearly and passionately as I loved her. I felt that love every morning when she would lay her little body across my face and fore head as I lay in bed. I could hear her sweet little heart beating as she would snuggle her body into my face. It was pure unconditional love. This little dog was more than just family to me. She was truly one of my soulmates.

Even though I know she was suffering and she's in a much better place now, there is still an ache in my heart from just missing her presence. I miss her greeting me at the door when I would come home. I miss her snuggling in bed with me. I miss her riding around on my lap. I miss everything about her.

She has come to visit me several times in my dreams. I appreciate that. I think my cat Shadow misses her too. Shadow has picked up Sweetpea's carrot toy in her mouth on a few occasions and then calls out in her weird meowing way. Shadow used to bathe Sweetpea as if she was her kitten. It's hard to believe Shadow and Sweetpea used to be the same size.

I saw a fascinating episode of a reality TV show called "Pit Boss" recently that made me feel a little better about my own grief for my little friend. The show is about a little person named Shorty, who has a Pit Bull rescue organization in Los Angeles. His organization is run by himself and three other little people.

In this episode, a woman came into the rescue organization, called "Shortywood Productions", to adopt a puppy. She had a rather strange request, though. She asked Shorty if he would bring some of his dogs to her home and attend a seance, led by a psychic medium who could sense and communicate with animal spirits.

The reason for the seance was to try to communicate with this woman's beloved dog, who she had for 13 years. The dog had been dead for about a year and the woman was ready to adopt another dog. However, she wanted to make sure it was okay with her deceased dog.

Of course, Shorty and his crew were skeptical, to say the least. Psychic mediums who talk to dead people are one thing. Psychic mediums who talk to dead dogs-- even more of a stretch for most people. However, because Shorty is dedicated to finding homes for needy Pit Bulls, he agreed. So Shorty, two of his personal Pit Bull dogs and a couple of his rescue workers went to the seance.

I know a lot of reality TV shows are staged. However, by the looks on Ashley's face ( one of Shorty's rescue workers), Sebastian's face ( another rescue worker) and the woman's face trying to contact her deceased dog, it genuinely looked like these people were shocked and slightly amazed.

As the medium begin talking to the woman, she suddenly asked her a very odd and very personal question. The medium asked if the woman had ever had a miscarriage. the woman replied she did indeed have a miscarriage. The medium then told the woman that she had been carrying twins, a boy and a girl.

Not only was this information a surprise to everybody, something else unusual happened. Shorty's dog, Hercules, who never leaves Shorty's side, had been sleeping on the couch, next to Shorty. The dog suddenly got up off the couch and walked over to where the psychic medium was sitting. The dog then laid down next to her.

Apparently, this is highly unusual behavior for this dog. The rescue workers were shocked because Hercules never leaves Shorty's side. The medium said the dog could sense the energy coming through and that's why he got up to get closer to it.

The medium also told the woman that her deceased dog was with her two twins. She told the woman if she could finally let go of the dog that he could go into the light and finally move on. So that is what happened. And yes, the spirit dog felt fine about the woman adopting a new puppy. It makes sense, most dogs are welcoming of new members to their pack.

Now I wish I knew a medium like that. If the information she shared was true and this was not all staged by the show, she seems like the real deal. I know some people that read this will laugh and think I'm naive. That's okay. I do believe there are real mediums. And I know some people can totally communicate with animals through energy. Just watch the Dog Whisperer. People are blown away by how he (Cesar Milan) communicates with dogs. He's using energy. I think it is similar to how psychic mediums communicate with spirits, through energy.

I guess this post has gone on long enough. Maybe I'll meet someone someday that can tell me where Sweetpea is and how she's doing. I wonder if she thinks about me as often as I think about her.