Friday, October 23, 2009

The Amazing Results Of Aligning With Source Energy

There is an amazing example of someone who has really mastered the Art of Allowing, a person who truly seems to be in complete alignment with Source energy and often speaks about manifestation to the people he's trying to help. I'm talking about Ceasar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer." If you follow the teachings of Abraham, I highly recommend watching this show which is on every Friday on the National Geographic Channel.

If you've never seen the show, this man, Ceasar Milan, travels around the country helping dog owners with their pet's behavior problems. He has an amazing connection with dogs because he completely understands dog psychology and how these animals sense and use energy to communicate and how different energy results in different behaviors. In pretty much all of the cases, its the humans that are screwing up the dogs. So Ceasar comes in to rehabilitate the dogs and to train the humans to use the correct energy to communicate and interact with their pets. The key to everything he does is energy.

Ceasar teaches people to live in the now. Don't dwell on the past, don't worry about incidents that happened in the past, stay focused on the present and what is happening right now. He often tells people to manifest how they want their home lives with their pets to be, to manifest the kind of behavior they want from their animals. In any situation, Ceasar remains calm and relaxed. He stresses to use calm, assertive energy at all times. In other words, he is always ok with where he's at. That is key to successful manifestation.

I saw an episode today where he was helping a woman who had many health problems that were causing her pain and alot of anxiety. Her nervous energy was causing aggressive behavior in her dog. Not only was he able to completely transform the dog, he helped the woman by introducing her to acupuncture and meditation. How awesome is that! And he greeted her with Namaste, confirming my suspicions that Ceasar is a very spiritual man.

It is so awesome to see someone who is in such complete alignment with Source energy and to see him use that energy to connect with another living creature. Dog lovers love to watch Ceasar work his magic and people are simply amazed at how instantly these dogs react to him. To me, he is a great example of what being in alignment with your Inner Being really is. I think its absolutely wonderful that he's helping more humans find that alignment and using their beloved pets, who are by nature more in alignment with Source energy, to help them get there.


Cougar Tales said...

I love the Dog Whisperer but mostly bc I love dogs! I read a few of your posts and was wondering if you have read the book the Power of Now? I bought but have yet to read it. It seems so difficult to get through.
- Cougs

Julieanne said...

I love watching this show, even though I haven't had a dog for so many years. TYou are so right about his spiritual approach to training. This is one of the reasons I love watching him. He is definitely connected.

Great to meet you!