Friday, November 20, 2009

Check Out

A new website had it's big relaunch a couple of days ago on Nov. 18, 2009. was created as a free spiritual resource that features some of the world's leading visionaries, including Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Deepak Chopra and many more. Here you can network with like-minded people and have access to life changing and thought provoking videos, articles, movies, seminars and workshops. I joined a few days ago and look forward to all the new spiritual knowledge and networking opportunities this site will provide.

I recently finished book 1 in the "Conversations With God" series by Neale Donald Walsch. I loved it and am currently reading book 2. To say it is thought provoking would be putting it mildly. For me it is mind expanding and causes you to look at many things in life from a completely different perspective. Looking at something from different angles, different perspectives, helps to build a better understanding. I am so grateful everyday for any new spiritual knowledge that I attract into my experience because right now the challenges just keep coming.

I'm off now to explore more of TheManifest-Station. After that, I'll absorb more conversation between God and Neale. This is my Friday night.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Manifestation, The Result Of A Focused Desire

I just began reading the first book in the "Conversations With God" series by Neale Donald Walsch. I love what my seeking of the truth is attracting into my experience, whether I make a trip to the library, the bookstore or searching on the Internet. God/Source/The Universe is bringing me everything I'm searching for and this journey of knowledge, of remembering Who I Really Am is so exhilarating, so absolutely awesome, its hard to put into words. I can finally think about life and get excited, get enthusiastic again, even in one of the most challenging times of my life. I am so grateful to God and to the wonderful souls (both physical and non-physical) who are out there brave enough to share this truth with the world, with those who are seeking it, despite the resistance and criticism from people too afraid to open their minds and hearts to other possible paths to God.

I also was able to witness first hand this week, the amazing results of a manifested desire. For the past couple of months, my 11 year old daughter has been badgering me for a new pet. It's not like she doesn't have any. Currently we have 2 cats, 2 Chihuahua's, 1 Lab mix, a turtle and a toad. I've been telling my daughter no, absolutely no more animals because we will be moving from a house to an apartment in a few months, not to mention becoming a single parent. As it is, I will be narrowing this pack down by giving up 2 of the dogs. However, none of this had much of an impact on my daughter's desire for another creature to share our home. She just kept on about it, even offering to pay with birthday and allowance money. Still the answer was no. She even went so far as to write a note about getting a new pet and leaving it under a rock in our yard, a secret wish to any fairies possibly living nearby that could help grant her wish. The note vanished, mysteriously (no, not by me.)

A few days ago, I heard my daughter's father pull up in the driveway, so I went outside to ask him something. He was just getting out of his car. As I was talking to him, something caught my eye. I looked past him and sitting on the roof of his car was a small, bright green, parrot-looking bird.

At first I thought it was a fake bird he had stuck to the top of his car for some reason. I was about to ask why he had this thing on his car when it moved and I realized this was a real bird! He quickly took a picture of it. I think we were both expecting it to fly away. But as we got closer, it was obvious that the bird could only fly in short spurts and seemed to be lost, looking for and wanting help from us.

My daughter and I were able to lure the bird into a cardboard box using a piece of bread. Now what? I knew none of my close neighbors had a bird. I knew I couldn't keep this bird in a box for very long. So we went to the local Petsmart for advice and supplies.

Turns out we've adopted an African Lovebird. So far no one has come looking and there have been no flyers or posters around the neighborhood for a lost bird. Even if he is an escaped pet, the fact that he showed up in our yard, just feet away from where my daughter left her note, is nothing short of miraculous. I've lived here for 10 years and have never seen or heard of a bird like this living around here. And where was it before landing on top of the car which had just pulled up? No idea. I just know that this time last week, I could not have imagined there would be a birdcage sitting in my livingroom! I guess I underestimated the power of an 11 year old's thoughts.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of Source

Today was one of those absolutely perfect days. After a week of volatile, windy weather and a 30 degree plunge in temperature, the weather today was a refreshing change of beautiful fall sunshine filtering through quiet, still air. I sat outside this afternoon, absorbing the wonderful warm energy of the sun, reading Abraham and listening to the sounds of neighborhood kids laughing as they played. My best friend Sweetpea, (the small black and white Chihuahua pictured in the post below) was laying in the yard under our big tree, enjoying the beautiful day with me.

Her cute little nose was busily sniffing the delicious smells silently and invisibly flowing through the atmosphere. I had a moment to reflect on those odors, which were otherwise non existent to my human senses, that she seemed to be so thoroughly enjoying. I only became aware of these odors by observing my dog's twitching nose. And it suddenly made me realize our reality is based on those vibrations that we are able to observe with our physical senses through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting. But there is so much more going on around us that our human senses miss.

As I was thinking about how much of the world going on around us there really is that we're not aware of because its "under the radar" of what our human bodies are capable of interpreting, I was struck by what I was reading from Abraham. It was about being in a state of appreciation. Being totally tuned in, tapped in and turned on. When you're observing things in a state of appreciation, you're seeing the world through the eyes of Source. It's finding the alignment with you're Inner Being, which is the part of you directly connected with Source, the part of you that is Source.

When you see things in a state of appreciation, you become more aware, more tuned in to whatever you're experiencing. I realized why everything seemed so crisp, so wonderful, so alive about the world I was experiencing in my front yard today. I was appreciating the life giving energy of our sun, energy that sustains every living cell on this planet. I was appreciating the air I was breathing into my lungs, how clean it smelled. I was appreciating how still the air itself was, one of those rare moments when there is not even the slightest hint of a breeze. I was appreciating how clearly sound vibrations travel through such still air. And looking at one of the cutest creatures on Earth, lounging under a beautiful Mulberry tree, I appreciated the amazing sensitivity of a dog's nose, which had made me aware of everything else around me that I couldn't see, hear, touch, taste or smell but exists, nonetheless.