Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Has Finally Arrived In The Desert!

You won't ever hear me complain about the heat hear in Las Vegas. Even though it gets quite unbearable during the daytime summer hours, I love the warm summer nights. After spending 17 years growing up in the frigid Wyoming winters, it was a bit like moving to paradise when I came here 22 years ago.

So what brought me to this most famous of cities in the desert? That will be explained in detail in my book. The autobiography of my most unusual life. I will mention it often here, because these thoughts that I write into words are helping me to manifest my desires into creation. Creating your life experiences through deliberate intent is a process that I'm still learning by reading a series of books by Abraham-Hicks. Powerful stuff. I found the first book in their series that I read, "Ask And It Is Given" at the library. I'm always drawn to the same section there, books on spirituality, psychics, mediums, ghosts, near death experiences, the afterlife, the paranormal. I was captivated by this book the moment I first started reading it. Mostly because it made so much sense while giving me chills and blowing my mind all at the same time. You just sense it when you have a book in your hands that will change your life. I was going to re-check it out because I wasn't quite finished by the due date but someone else had placed a hold on the book. The librarian was going to let me keep it so that I could finish reading it. But I wanted whoever was seeking this book to have the knowledge they were looking for. Besides that, its a book worth owning and reading many times. I now own 5 Abraham-Hicks books and am currently reading "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent"

So back to fall in the desert. Its a wonderful time of year here. The weather is beautiful, perfect for a yard sale. My daughter and I will be leaving Las Vegas in a few months to head for Arizona. Another big change in my life that's both exciting and terrifying. What I need to do is release my resistance and let go of the fear. Right now, I will appreciate the weather and the beautiful sunset happening outside my window.


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