Thursday, April 22, 2010

And My Faith In HuMANity Is Restored

Its so nice to know that there are still honest people in the world. This was shown to me in tough economic times and in an even tougher city.

If you were to leave a wallet laying on the floor in a Las Vegas gas station full of debit and credit cards and about $40.00 in cash, what do you think the odds are that you could come back in half an hour and recover it with everything intact? I'm not much of a gambling person myself but I would think that the odds of a full recovery would not be favorable at all. I doubt that very many people would be willing to offer their wallet to test this scenario, myself included. But, unknowingly, this is exactly what I did last Sunday afternoon. While in the checkout line at a local Shell station, my wallet had fallen out of my purse. It was discovered shortly after we had left town. We were pulling up to the fee area at Lake Mead and I was looking for my wallet to get my Golden Access card out.

After a quick check of the van, I realized it was definitely gone. I knew the only place it could be was back at the gas station. My heart sank as I thought of the endless stream of people that go in and out of a place like that all day. Money is tight for everyone right now, not to mention I live in Las Vegas, which needs no further explanation.

So instead of panicking and letting all of the worst case scenarios enter my thoughts, I made the instant choice to remain calm and just believe that an honest person had noticed the wallet and did exactly what I would have done, turn it in to the cashier so the rightful owner could come back to claim it. My ID was also in the wallet but because I have recently moved, it still has my old address. So I did not entertain the thought of someone trying to mail it back to me. The logical thing an honest person would do is give it to the cashier because most people will come back to the last place they visited when losing a wallet. So I calmly kept this thought going in my mind as we drove back into town. In the past, I would have been freaking out the entire drive back, imagining all kinds of horrible people happily taking everything I have. Its good when you have studied the Law of Attraction and realize how important and powerful your thoughts are.

Sure enough, when we returned to the Shell station, the nice young man that had checked us out before was waiting for us to come back for the wallet. He had noticed it lying on the floor after we had left. Everything was still in the wallet, including the cash.

The more we believe in and appreciate the good in people around us, the more good people we attract into our experience.