Sunday, February 28, 2010

Plant A Tree By Posting Your Thoughts About Carbon Neutral Blogs

I just wrote the following post on my home decorating blog. As far as I can tell, this is a legitimate cause. I wanted to participate because I love trees. I am so blessed to be moving into an apartment that is surrounded by many big beautiful trees. I'm moving this week and look forward to posting pictures of my new place. Meanwhile, enjoy reading about this cool initiative and post about it yourself!

Do blogs grow on trees? My educated guess would be no, as I've never heard of a blog tree. But it now seems that blogs can help plant trees. So let's talk about outdoor decorating, mother nature style. Help us decorate a forest with more trees!

I recently received an email from a German organization called kaufDA, asking me to participate in an initiative that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by planting a tree for every blog that posts about it. I do get a lot of scam emails so I did a little research before starting this post. Thanks to the tireless efforts of blog owners like, who wrote many emails requesting verification of this organization's claims before joining the bandwagon, I feel safe in joining the cause. Anything that can positively affect the environment is worthwhile to me.

KaufDA's plan is to plant these blog-supported trees in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation. You can read more about why this Californian forest needs help and joining the cause by visiting

The German organization's site claims that planting one tree for your blog will neutralise its carbon footprint for the next 50 years. Whether this is a scientific fact or not, I am certain that every tree that gets planted is more than worth the effort of writing about it.


bianca said...

Hm..yes, its a nice initiative. But the kaufda website is not about environmental stuff. You can see there the offers of the biggest German companies, and I think this initiative is particularly a very cheap way for them to optimize their google ranking - by gettting a lot of links from different blogs...

Anonymous said...

Good call, Bianca. Most companies will pay for a text link. Their SEOs did a good job of turning commercialism into environmentalism. If they actually do plant the trees, that's great and all, but their agenda first and foremost is to get higher up on Google for certain keywords. I have to admit it's pretty ingenious, however misleading it is.