Sunday, May 30, 2010

Astral Projection

During my recent move, I found a set of Time-Life books I had bought close to twenty years ago called Mysteries of the Unknown. I had forgotten all about them and so it was a treat to find them. The series covers many subjects on the paranormal. Unfortunately, I only have 6 of them and there are 33 in the series. If anyone knows how I could get the rest, feel free to leave me a comment.

In one of the books titled "Psychic Voyages", there is a lot of information about astral projection. While I have heard the term before, I didn't know much about the subject. Now that I understand what it is and how people do it, it is something that intrigues me very much. I've been stuck in a paralyzed body for 25 years. I'm way overdue for a vacation.

I know there are some people who fear this concept because they believe demons or evil spirits could enter or posses their physical body while they are out. But I don't think this is very likely, especially in my case. It would take a fairly stupid demon to trap itself in a physical body that doesn't work too well. ;)

I believe I was having an out of body experience the night of my accident. The car I was riding in had rolled and my neck was broken when the roof of the car came down on my head. Someone had pulled me out of the car and as I lay on the ground, flat on my back, I began to feel my legs start to float up in the air. It felt as if I was being pulled out of my body by my feet. This terrified me because I thought if I left my body, that was it, I would surely die. So I fought the floating sensation with everything I had, even begging my friends to put my legs back on the ground. Of course this confused them a great deal because they could see my legs were already on the ground. They couldn't see what I could feel and I clearly felt my legs floating upwards as if they had been filled with helium.

Now I would very much like to learn how to astral project. It certainly doesn't sound easy, but what a rewarding experience this would be for me. The hardest part might be actually coming back into this prison of a body. Its not that I don't love and appreciate my physical body because I do. I just need my freedom.

In addition to the concept of astral projection, I'm also open to the concept of self healing. Miraculous healing happens around us all the time but we often don't really pay attention to it. Can the body really heal itself from any injury? Wouldn't a person have to totally believe in this in order for it to happen? Yes, the belief would be essential. If the energy of our thoughts really does affect matter then anything is possible. Everything is possible. Impossible becomes possible.

I need to go and really wrap my head around this. Any thoughts on the subject of astral projection, out of body experiences or self healing would be greatly appreciated.


(The beautiful surreal artwork at the top of this post is by artist Brian Exton. )


spirtkid said...

Long comment incoming!

First off id check eBay for that series, I'm sure someone has at least some of those for-sale maybe even the whole set! (I love ebay!)

As for Astral Projection, its a amazing and life changing event. The few fully conscious projections I have had changed my life and were amazing. Even though it took nearly a year to have my first fully conscious one. It was well worth the hours and hours of failed attempts though (I tried nearly every day for a year)

The topic is huge though, I could go on for hours. I suggest checking out a book by Robert Bruce called Astral Dynamics. Its covers it in great depth and answered all my questions when I was starting out including how to get out. Maybe we could chat sometimes if there is anything specific you wanna ask, I researched AP in great detail the past couple years.

The biggest problem people face when trying to astral project is fear. They get to the vibrational state and it scares them and keeps them from projecting out. Its natural to fear and no one can say they didn't fear it at first but as soon as you have your first experience the fear just melts away. The dangers are about the same as when you drive in a car, its unlikely anything will ever happen and if something does its usually minor.

Spirits can't enter your body however, your body will naturally recall your spirit if anything gets close while your out, its like a natural defense to it. Also makes sure if someone is trying to wake you up you come back.

Now onto Self-Healing, Healing is one of my specialties and I have focused on it since I awakened.

I believe the body can heal itself of most injuries, but its going to have limits. I doubt someone could heal a gunshot wound for instance. Things that aren't emergencies are usually possible to heal. A cronic Disease, bad cold, or other such things.

The person usually has to be open to the idea of it being possible. They don't need blind faith that it will work just a open mind. If they believe it wont work then chances are they will block your healing but its still possible.

I find it best when dealing with skeptics to just heal them without their knowledge so they can't block it.

But self healing is a lot more than just meditation and energy work guiding the body to heal a wound. You have to give your body all the nutrients it needs to heal itself, a good diet is essential especially when dealing with serious illnesses.

Anything is possible though, id say even healing your own paralysis would be plausible (Although it depends on a lot of factors) It surely wouldn't be easy however.

You can try to search on my blog for posts on the subjects, I've covered them both a lot.

Michelle (hometc) said...

Thank you so much, spiritkid for this information. I will definitely check out some of your past posts on astral projection. Maybe the one thing I have working for me is that I have no fear of this at all, just immense desire to do it! I would love to hear more about your successful experiences.

Yes, healing something like a damaged spinal cord would be on the scale of miraculous. As long as there is even the slightest doubt or resistance in my mind, it won't happen. But I don't think its impossible either. If I knew how to direct the cells in my spinal cord to divide and grow as all stem cells do when creating body parts, it could happen. An eel can grow a new spinal cord, just like a starfish can grow a new limb.
Too bad I can't ask an eel, huh? Do you know if one can astral project into the ocean? I think it could work since I've read about people going through walls and even the Earth.

spirtkid said...

Most of my experiences were rather short, noting really spectacular but just experiencing it is really the life changing part of it all. Encountering entities that live on the astral is kind of amazing (As long as they aren't trying to bite you =P)

It takes a while, usually at least a month of hard practice but it pays off you just need to keep focused on it. Taking a break from practice for a while can help as well.

And yes you can project into the ocean, I know someone who used astral projection for that very reason (They were looking for a shipwreck) and they actually found the area because of it.

You can project anywhere that you can physically go although its the astral so it can be altered by the mind but its very possible.

As for spinal cord injuries id say its very possible. It would be a challenge but im sure it can. Your body made the cells before, you just need it to do it again. I'm actually trying to come up with a way to heal nervous system related injuries like that. I have a friend with nerve damage and my plan is to get the nerves to regrow. Ill let you know if I ever see any success.

My new blog just added a post about the Etheric and Astral planes, and more to come in regards to Astral Projection and all that.