Saturday, May 1, 2010

Enjoy The Journey Of Evolution

I just read a great article on Spirit News Daily entitled Conscious Evolution. It states how we continue to evolve in our concept of God and prayer, the way we communicate and experience the divine. The author also talks about Ernest Holmes, who states "God is not a becoming God. God is not an evolving God. God is that which was, is and will remain perfect, complete, happy and harmonious." In other words, it is we who are evolving, not God.

But, if we are truly extensions of this Source energy, this eternal living universal consciousness we call God, then God is evolving because God is in all of us. If we are truly one conscious stream of intelligent energy, we cannot truly be separate from God, nor can God be separate from us.

How do you think the human race is evolving? From one perspective, it could be said that the human race is getting out of hand. There is still so much violence, anger, ignorance, greed and intolerance. We continue to destroy forests, we continue to consume fossil fuels, we continue to pollute the environment, despite indisputable evidence of the danger this poses to our entire planet. Humans can almost be compared to a virus, an organism that takes so much from its host that it eventually destroys it.

From another perspective, the human race really does seem to be evolving at an incredible pace. We seem to be making leaps and bounds in technology and science, especially in the last one hundred years. Efforts to protect the environment and begin to reverse some of the damage we've caused to the planet over the last hundred years are growing. We are becoming much more tolerant of the differences between us and there seems to be a widespread effort of acceptance. Many people now seem to be turning more toward spirituality instead of religion.

Life cannot exist without change. The universe and everything in it will continue to expand and evolve. I have felt this expansion and evolution within myself. I could not find any religion that really rang true to me, that just felt right. But I've always known there is more to life than just this so called reality that we're living. I've always felt that there are incredible and amazing mysteries out there that are just waiting to be discovered and understood. Or maybe even remembered. This is where my spiritual path is taking me. Something deep inside me, the part directly connected to the universal Source energy that flows through me, is directing me where to go and attracting the knowledge that I'm seeking to me. So I'm just now discovering how to enjoy the journey.