Monday, November 28, 2011

Farewell to Jerry Hicks

I was surprised to learn today about the passing on of Jerry Hicks. I did not know that he had been diagnosed with some form of cancer and had actually passed away on November 18, 2011.

Many times I hear the expression that a person has lost his "battle" with cancer. However, I doubt that Jerry was fighting against this disease because that does not make sense with the philosophy he and his wife, Esther, had so passionately shared with the world. I believe Jerry was probably very much accepting of what he had attracted into his life and where it would ultimately lead him.

I'm sure the skeptics and critics of spiritual philosophies like the Law of Attraction have taken Jerry's physical "death" as an opportunity to say, "See, the Law of Attraction doesn't work because this man, whose life was so centered around this belief system, failed in his attempt to attract perfect health and wellness."

However, Jerry Hicks spent the majority of his life healthy, happy and filled with an insatiable desire to connect with the divinity within himself. As he became more and more enlightened by the relationships he attracted into his physical experience, he also attracted the means to share this wonderful spiritual Enlightenment with millions of people throughout the world. I believe the spirit who resided in this man's physical body had a very precise and powerful purpose for choosing (attracting) the life he lived in this physical realm. Jerry Hicks was and always has been a teacher, a friend and a guide to help other spiritual beings remember who they really are.

Perhaps Jerry chose cancer as a way of showing others that "dying" is not defeat, it is not loss. Jerry Hicks did not lose a battle with cancer because he was never fighting against anything. He was simply floating downstream where his life path had always been taking him, back into the Vortex, back home to Source. Jerry has always been a beacon of light and love and will forever help others find their way.

I would like to thank Jerry and Esther Hicks (and Abraham) for being so instrumental in helping myself and so many others reawaken and connect with the inner beings that we really are. I am positive that Jerry will be there for Esther, everyday for the rest of her physical experience, until the day he welcomes her back home as well. I also believe that now that Jerry is non-physical again, he finally knows exactly how he touched every other spiritual being here on Earth. What intense joy he must be feeling now!

Farewell, Jerry Hicks, on your incredible eternal journey. Thank you for the gift of Enlightenment, which you so generously shared. You are loved.